StaffBalance™ is a Staff Optimisation and Profitability Modelling Software Company.

Our activity based costing (ABC) application determines and allocates costs at a highly granular level to, for example, determine the cost of each task (activity) that an agent may perform across all channels in a customer service contact centre. This information can be applied to products, customers or customer segments, to help determine product and customer profitability. We take the approach one stage further and provide modelling capabilities to enable users to model the impact on profitability of different cost and resource allocation strategies.

As well as the profitability modelling, our software delivers accurate, extensive, useful and affordable staffing models that allow you to precisely understand how employee time is spent and at what cost.

Staffing models provide a broad and in-depth picture of work activity time and cost, but most importantly, why they occur.

The Staff Balance Resource Optimisation Module:

  • Provides workload measurements for every activity, process, product, and customer segment
  • Shows you the time each job position spends on every activity… and why
  • Helps you determine if you have the right balance of generalists and specialists
  • Allows you to predict your future staffing needs by the hours of skills you will need