A typical staffing model project takes between 2 and 3 weeks

  • Operations Business Model Design: We start with senior representatives from Finance, Operations and HR to design the staffing models you want and need.
  • Data Collection: Our step by step methodology collects data from your staff and existing systems.
  • Staffing Model Preparation: We collate and update the data and models into our tool.
  • Staffing Model Review: We review the charts and graphs with you to make sure you understand the information and how to best use it.
  • Improvement Prioritisation: We highlight unproductive use of staff time and provide a means to measure improvements.

Why Staff Balance?
You know that you have benefited from the Staff Balance consultancy service when:

  • You have the utmost confidence that you employ the optimum number of staff/back office administration
  • Your sales teams are free to do the job you hired them to do – Sell!
  • You are focusing on your most profitable customers, sales channels and products
  • Your outsourcing requirements are based on factual information
  • Appropriate processes are automated and you can measure the ROI in technology
  • Your costs are significantly down and your income is significantly up