The Dublin-based firm StaffBalance was brought in to help Bord Gáis manage its costs and improve operational efficiencies. StaffBalance uses the approach pioneered by the noted business thinker Prof Robert Kaplan, who developed the time-driven activity-based costing (TD-ABC) methodology. Using business modelling software, the StaffBalance team

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Balanced Business – Irish Director Article

Leading business strategist Robert Kaplan is the inventor of the ‘balanced scorecard’, and adviser to President Barack Obama. Ann O’Dea caught up with him on a recent trip to Dublin. Harvard professor Robert S Kaplan is probably best known as the creator of both activity-based costing and the balanced scorecard – the renowned tool f

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Chartered Accountancy Ireland, December 2009

By Ciaran McGowan, CEO, StaffBalance™ The customer who earns you the highest revenue may not be profitable.  Your operational teams might be busy, but not operating to their maximum capacity.   Your cost reduction initiatives may improve your balance sheet in the short term, but may also negatively impact future profitability.  The proble

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