A great challenge for companies is how to manage costs while at the same time optimising valuable staff resources.  In an effort to cut costs, companies may be tempted to make staff cuts without sufficient information on their impact – on the business, on the employees and on the customers.

Profitability Driver

Can you tell at a forensic level exactly which of your customers are profitable and which ones actually cost you money? Executives are now taking a more sophisticated look at customer profitability as a driver for business growth. The StaffBalance Profitability Driver simulation model software can help you to gain a clearer understanding of the profitability of customers, people, products and distribution channels.

Cost Controller

You have to know exactly where to cut costs and how to improve efficiency, or you could potentially destroy the character of your business. In most large companies, there are multiple channels, complicated product sets, legacy data systems and even a widely dispersed organisation. Cost Controller from StaffBalance helps to pull the complex and diverse data together to make sense of large volumes of information.

Sales Optimiser

It often comes as a surprise to sales directors when they discover that their biggest clients are losing the company money. All that time spent negotiating deals with large scale clients – delivering to tight deadlines, providing excellent service and building relationships with key decision makers – may yield a higher revenue, but not a profitable revenue.

Operational Efficiency

Large organisations spend millions annually on operations including IT. The global figure stretches to billions of euro. The question that CEOs and CFOs ask frequently is: what is the value of our spend on operations? The StaffBalance Operational Efficiency model helps operations teams and IT departments to optimise their business resources, create greater transparency and generate greater operational efficiency.