What is is web-based software for staff capacity planning, operational efficiencies identification and profitability modelling.

What is Staff Capacity Planning?

Resource Optimisation
Staff Capacity Planning is a tool to ensure that you continuously have the right number of staff from both a cost saving perspective and a customer delivery and satisfaction perspective.

Organisations go trough peaks and troughs and to insure that you maintain service levels and satisfied customers and that you’re not overstaffed you must have the right number of staff.

What is operational efficiencies identification?

Operational Efficiencies Identification is a tool for finding cost savings that you can track and enabling the identification of continuous improvement opportunities. E.g. Automation, Change of skill level, outsourcing, process improvement, workflow, scanning and ceasing certain work practices.

What is Profitability Modelling?

Profitability Modelling
Profitability Modelling is a system to identify the true profitability of individual products and market segments. This is achieved by understanding the exact labour costs that are to be allocated to both products and market segments.

What’s in it for me?

Head of Business Area

  • Improve customer service levels (SLAs) by ensuring that the business is adequately staffed to do the work speedily and with quality assurance
  • Better manage training and project needs
  • Ways to identify continuous improvement opportunities and change management prioritisation
  • Obtain Predefined metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) providing the information needed in order to identify opportunities for improved organisational effectiveness

Head of Finance, Strategy

  • Undertake Product Profitability Analysis and estimation of staffing requirements for new product launches
  • Trust requests for staff additions because they are now based on facts, not guesswork
  • See the financial impact of decisions and alternatives
  • Provide the staffing time and unit cost for every process, product, and customer segment

Head of HR

  • Speed up and improve the annual budgeting and planning process
  • Ensure that the best staff are retained by allowing them to have a work life balance
  • Reduce the level of attrition rates as staff can have a work life balance

Head of IT

  • Create accurate cost/benefit analyses for new systems changes
  • Measure that the business got the benefits it expected from IT Systems changes