Operational Efficiency

Large organisations spend millions annually on operations including IT.  The global figure stretches to billions of euro.  The question that CEOs and CFOs ask frequently is: what is the value of our spend on operations?

The StaffBalance Operational Efficiency model helps operations teams and IT departments to optimise their business resources, create greater transparency and generate greater operational efficiency.

One of the best ways to run an operational area such as IT is to run it as a business within a business.  This means that IT becomes a service to be bought and consumed, just like any other service on offer.  There are costs of producing the service, the various levels of complexity and the range of services on offer, as well as the IT consultant’s time.

Operational Efficiency from StaffBalance can help businesses to evaluate their spend on operations and IT, and help them to allocate those costs across the organisation.  StaffBalance can also help operations teams to become more cost efficient and more focused on the needs of their customers.

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