Sales Optimiser

It often comes as a surprise to sales directors when they discover that their biggest clients are losing the company money.  All that time spent negotiating deals with large scale clients – delivering to tight deadlines, providing excellent service and building relationships with key decision makers – may yield a higher revenue, but not a profitable revenue.

Traditional metrics such as revenue streams and market share are useful indicators of a company’s income and market position, but they don’t give you the full picture. Net profitability is the clearest indicator of how cost-effective it is to provide your full product and service suite to customers.

Once companies fully understand profitability on a customer by customer basis, their relationships improve.  The granularity of detail provided by Sales Optimiser gives your company leverage to give discounts to profitable customers and to provide an enhanced service level.

Sales Optimiser also empowers your sales team to negotiate better terms with less profitable customers – such as bulk delivery, more favourable payment terms and charging for value added services.  Pricing is made considerably more valid by the clear understanding of the cost-to-serve the customer.

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