Resource Optimisation Software

A great challenge for companies is how to manage costs while at the same time optimising valuable staff resources.   In an effort to cut costs, companies may be tempted to make staff cuts without sufficient information on their impact – on the business, on the employees and on the customers.

There is a way to understand exactly what impact staff reductions have on your business, your client-base and on your underlying profitability.  It is done using simulation modelling techniques – one of the most powerful and most realistic decision-making tools available.

The first step is to determine the staffing levels required to run a business successfully.  Simulation modelling is used to build a profile of how staff spend their time.  The modelling process takes the realistic capacity of your team into account – stripping out annual leave, sick leave, secondments and so on.  Once an authentic staff capacity level is identified, the next step is to work out the staffing time and unit cost for every process and product.

StaffBalance can give you the factual data you need to help you calibrate your resources structure.    Once the Staff Capacity model is implemented, organisations have greater certainty because staffing levels are now based on facts, not estimates.

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