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All hail Professor Robert Kaplan LIVE in Dublin 2010

StaffBalance brings Professor. Robert Kaplan to Dublin
In Association with Bord Gais

On 19 October 2010

The global financial crisis and the slow road to recovery have challenged Irish executives to re-think their core business strategy. Cost cutting initiatives can only do so much. The next step is to direct resources strategically in order to achieve business growth and prosperity.

Who better to talk you through it than Robert Kaplan, inventor of the Balanced Scorecard and Activity Based Costing and the world’s leading expert on cost and performance management?

Harvard Professor Robert Kaplan is LIVE in Dublin on 19 October 2010. This is a rare privilege to meet one of the world’s greatest business strategists and to benefit from his insights, case studies and management tools – first hand.

There has been a significant slowdown in the progress of Irish companies due to economic recession, lack of capital, restructuring (for cost realignment) and retrenchment (awaiting economic improvement). While the Irish economy has begun to show tentative signs of improvement: the PMI rose above 50, we have become more cost-competitive and there is an increase in the level of exports. It may even be that economic Armageddon has been avoided.

The recent economic recession has had a tremendous impact on the fortunes of Irish companies. Cost cutting programmes, redundancies, and rationalisation all take their toll on a once vibrant business sector. The overall cost of doing business in Ireland has reduced. At the same time, however, driving profitability is now more difficult with consumer confidence at an all time low. The question we ask is: How can senior executives build profitable business and outperform their competitors, while operating from a lower cost base?

StaffBalance invites Professor Robert Kaplan to Dublin

StaffBalance, Ireland’s leading profitability company invites Professor Robert Kaplan, inventor of the Balanced Business Scorecard and Time-Driven Activity Based Costing, to address Senior Executives in Ireland. Professor Kaplan will share his methods, insights and case studies on the subject of rebuilding a business in a post-recession environment.

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